Student Outcomes: Interview with Izabella Theo – Stylist

Izabella Theo graduated from the Melbourne Fashion Institute (MFI) Fashion Styling and Creative Direction course in 2015 and is now working as a Stylist with Myer. We sat down with Izabella and chatted about her role with Myer, her thoughts on being a stylist, what she learned while studying at MFI and advice for those thinking of taking the plunge. 

Tell us about yourself. What were you doing before you enrolled at MFI?

Before MFI I was at Australian Catholic University studying a Bachelor of Marketing and Commerce and working at a children’s shoe store. I was feeling un-motivated and bored, I needed to find something to spark my life again.

Why did you decide to study at MFI? What was it about the Fashion Styling and Creative Direction course that appealed to you?

Ever since I was young I’ve loved fashion and the fashion industry, I knew that working and studying in fashion was/is something that I’ve always wanted to do. One night I was scrolling through fashion courses and came across MFI. At first I was interested in the Fashion Business course but after I attended Info Night and heard the Styling mentor Melissa [Nixon] talk and I was in awe. She was so passionate and career driven, I turned to my mum and said, “I want to be like her”. Learning from her was my dream and from that Info Night I made it a reality.

What is your current role?

I’m a Personal Stylist at Myer. It took me a while to get into the industry because Fashion is impossible at times, but I persisted and applied for everything and eventually I got my break.

Tell us something you learned in styling that has helped you in your current role?

The styling course taught me was to be resilient. The course pushed me to my limits, but at the end of the course I could look back and be proud of myself. It’s made me stronger and made me capable to face any challenge.

What’s something you learned during the Styling and Creative Direction course that surprised you?

Styling has taught me to push fashion boundaries. My style is very Melbourne, black, white, and grey; but since the course I have learnt to add colour and different textures to my look and my clients looks too. I learnt that once I introduced colours I felt lighter and more fashion forward.

What are your future plans/ career goals?

My career goal is to continue to work in styling and fashion but I’d love to be more behind the scenes of campaigns or magazine editorials. Working for a high fashion magazine has always been a dream of mine so working towards that is my next step but for now Myer is a pretty big achievement for me.

Any advice for current or prospective MFI students who are thinking about studying Fashion Styling and Creative Direction at MFI?

My advice would be; if you’ve always wanted to work or study fashion, just go for it. There is no point doing a course or working in a field that you’re not happy with. You only get one life so live it how you want to live it, not how everyone else tells you to live it. Everyone says that fashion is a hard industry but crack but if you are persistent and if you have determination, you’ll make it happen. I did.

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