Introducing WGSN: an event partner of our third annual Graduate Parade and Cocktail Party

Remaining true to a brand’s DNA while retaining relevance in a competitive and ever-changing retail market landscape is a constant challenge for fashion labels and businesses. In an era of social media and hyper-connectivity, the need for brands to stay ahead and keep informed is becoming increasingly integral to the longevity and success of a brand.   An event partner of Melbourne Fashion Institute’s third annual Graduate Parade and Cocktail Party, WGSN Limited is the world’s leading trend authority for creative brands and thinkers. Founded in 1998 in London, the global trend forecasting company provides 74,000 active users services in consumer insights, fashion and lifestyle forecasting, data analytics, crowd-sourced design evaluation, and expert advisory services to help them stay relevant and determine their next growth opportunities.   For the third year in a row, WGSN have generously contributed a year’s subscription to Melbourne Fashion Institute’s Student of the Year award, which includes market-leading trend forecasting resources, retail intelligence, as well as design tools and resources tailored to practitioners working within the fashion industry.   Melbourne Fashion Institute would like to thank WGSN Limited for their generous contribution and for their ongoing support of our annual event.  

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