The fashion industry is an early adopter of the 3D printing technology. While the 3D printing technology is not yet advanced enough to replace the traditional manufacturing options for the fashion industry, the possibilities for design on a smaller scale are endless.

Fashion house threeASFOUR in collaboration with New York-based designer Travis Fitch and Stratasys created ‘Oscillation’ the latest in 3D printed fashion. Made from 30 individual pieces, the bright coloured, 3D dress could only have been made possible with the latest technologies in colour and materials.  Part of the QUANTUM VIBRATIONS collection Spring 2017, Oscillation debuted at NYFW to rave reviews.

Since launching a decade ago, threeASFOUR has honed their geometric, science inspired complex designs, adopting 3D Technology in 2013.  NYFW fall/winter 2016 saw their first collaboration with Stratasys’ bringing  ‘Pangolin’ and ‘Harmonograph’ dresses to the runway.

Watch the creators of ‘Oscillation’ talk more about their ideas, influences and the practicality of this design .

Fashion 3D Printing Workshop presented by MFI begins in June, 2017. Learn about the technology and design and create your own fashion accessory.
To enrol or enquire call (03) 8669 1530 or email reception@melbournefashioninstitute.com.au

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